Combined Transport

Combined Transport, shipping carrier units (containers and similar containers transferred) to the terminal destination of the output terminal with at least two different transport modes (ie road, rail, maritime and air) means of transport.

of transport, especially with containers in the development of parallel over the last 20 years, the long-distance less costly rail and the carriage and the station by sea or transport until the final destination of the port is the transport method composed by making the highway.

Combined Transport combines the flexibility of the undisputed land in a short-distance transportation for cargo collection and distribution with two different modes of transport on the railroad and road and sea and road links to the long-distance transport by assignment of sea in an ideal connection quality and rail mass transport properties. Combined transport also all kinds of mainly transported by road over long distances are suitable for the transport of the products.

The transport mode benefits provided in case of preferring Combined Transport can be summarized as follows:

  • Transport large amounts of cargo over long distances under high security transport by rail and sea transport
  • The provision of flexible installation and deployment opportunities with road transport
  • It can be combined with the load to be combined with the carrier units of different products
  • the ability to get the optimum level of both forms of transport other opportunities offered by joining the
  • Single-carrier unit (container, etc.) with the use, without re-loading and transport facilities to transport products that can be handled without again

The economic benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • It provides a significant advantage for the transportation of heavy loads.
  • consisting of tolls on the highway and eliminating additional costs.
  • affected by fluctuating fuel prices.
  • Vehicle and reduces the staff requirements, tooling costs are reduced.
  • It provides an exception from the ban applied.
  • high security and sea and rail transport is provided.
  • Reduce traffic congestion (traffic density / accidents decreases).

Transport mode and need to emphasize the benefits of ecological with economic benefits;Instead of transportation with a large number of vehicles by road, thanks to transport at a time of large quantities by rail and sea, the environment and climate-friendly modes of transport with lower CO provides release and makes a positive contribution to the climate change problem.