Modern Science and Technology and the Challenges of Countries

The benefits of Science and technology far outweigh every shortcoming that is perceived. Some of the effects of technology are in the field of communication; mobile phones and via the internet. There is progress of trade of expansions and communication. Now we hear of information and communication technology. Any institution worth its name must have it to be outstanding. Information technology is now boosted from the discipline of education, business, and communication and down to the amusement industry; in the generation of today. Through information technology, work performances are fostered with less effort and productivity by employing operations. Without the web or computers, it is going to be difficult for people around the world. An individual may use the world wide web to find a wealth of information with which to answer an essay question that might have been assigned at school, communicate with individuals, conduct transactions, access information, buy and promote goods. The list is endless.Technology

The advancement of Science and technology enable mass communication now so that we not only have the to, radio and newspaper but even cellular phones that leaves a multipurpose service; from long distance calls, listening to music and radio, playing games, taking pictures, recording video and voice and surfing the net. The advantages we acquire from ICT as a result of services are very widespread. It enhances the level of employees and people because People’s knowledge of life is infinite. As leaders have many ways they speak to the politics also affects. Besides going to utilize television or radio, politicians resort to the social media to get a number of their opinions and effort. Information about revolutions and protests are being circulated online through social media. Now this has caused upheavals and led to change of government in many countries.Technology

Science and technology expand the knowledge of society. Science helps humans gain understanding of how the world operates, while technology helps scientists create these discoveries. Learning has improved because of media which are being developed that bring learning adventures and that are interactive. Firms expanded and have grown due to breakthroughs in advertising. Modern technology has changed the way companies manage their business and produce their products. The idea and usage of internet and video conferencing has helped businesses remove barriers and given them the chance to reach out to customers and workers throughout the world. In the market of today, it is helped businesses reduce inconveniences and the cost of travelling, letting them meet as frequently as they might like without needing to be worried about locating the budget. Modern technology helps firms become green because of the fact that anything could be done from a computer and reduce their carbon footprint.