WSQ computer courses in Singapore: advantages and qualification levels

wsq stands for ‘The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification’. It focuses on an individual’s growth and productivity by providing training, certified courses, and required skills. Training programs offered by wsq are progressive and are awarded wsq certifications. An individual does not need any pre-requisite for these training programs. The wsq computer courses insingapore have many programs ranging from Microsoft Excel 2019 to cloud computing.

microsoft office course singapore

Advantages of wsq Computer training courses in Singapore

  • For any carrier computer skills are mandatory these skills are taught in this training.
  • wsq certification can make your resume strong.
  • Individuals can get industry-specific training or job-oriented training.
  • For any individual, confidence is essential for growth achieved with wsq certification.
  • It has been observed that the package achieved by employees who underwent wsq training is more than other employees.

 Qualification levels-  wsq offers bite-sized training modules that help individuals learn new skills at their own time and comfort. Upon completing one module, the individual will receive an SOA that is ‘statement of Attainment.’ There are six levels of wsq Qualification. They are wsq certification, wsq higher certification, then advance certification, wsq diploma, specialist diploma, and the last qualification level is wsq graduate diploma. After completing all these levels, individuals will get a wsq certificate by authority.

So, this way wsq computer course in singapore will help you build a strong resume, develop your skills, and achieve a great package.