How to blemish the great Record Producer

On the surface, my Very first album producer back in the mid nineties seemed like the perfect game for me, and I really travelled, particularly, to another town AND nation to work with him. We had previously agreed on a few hundred bucks to record four tracks but by the time we had started putting down the first track, immediately following the first semester, he hiked his fee to $5,000. What brought on the cost hike? Well, I came by plane and booked myself into a five star resort. Yes, he had suddenly realized I was not poor. Unscrupulous he was, yes, and you won’t think what I did next. I went to the native Diners Club Rep and withdrew the money. I was so desperate to do this I could not see nor think straight. And I am sure a few of you reading this guide can relate to this. Ever felt like you wanted something SO bad you did not give a damn what it cost? Well, that is what it felt like for me at the moment. Regrettably, I had been so gullible I made the wrong move. I should have packed my bags and flown home. Let this be your red flag number one. Should you ever run into this, do not ignore it. Have a minute to think. Reevaluate your predicament before making any rash decisions. Sleep over it if you need to. You will probably have a clearer mind the following morning.

Music plays major role

OK, so money all paid up and project underway full throttle when I find his attitude in the studio is pretty much dictatorial. That is your red flag number two right there. If you are able to book a trial session and agree on a small fee simply to become familiar with your producer before you commission Simon Jano artista productor musica. This would save you the bother of having to work with someone you are not even familiar with. Be picky about who you work with. You want a fantastic product and you wish to enjoy the experience. There is just as much fun in recording. It can be a magical experience when you work with people you have got a fantastic connection and chemistry with.

And then I met multimillion selling album producer Tambi Fernando in London, who had had numerous number one hits in the United Kingdom and had worked with leading recording artists. We basically hit it off from the get-go. Superb rapport, fantastic chemistry and a complete delight to work with he had been. And we made great music. Not only did he have an unbelievable talent for drawing the best out of me, he made me-through my own effort-sound incredible. He was great at what he did. He brought the best out of an artist. It cost me one thousand pounds per monitor. Cheaper compared to the null merchant I encountered in Mombasa. Your red flag number three? Indeed. Be watching for that chemistry. That special connection between producer and artist will unlock your hidden talent and allow you to attain the recording success you have always desired.