Crucial facts about god realism

I have always asked myself why God had to create man. I have received many answers from lots of people and myself too but the best response I got was from the Holy Spirit who taught me that God made in order to express His love to Him. You see, God is full of love, He loves Himself and God is inseparable with love. I have heard many say that God created Man in order for Him to worship Him but that is not the first thing. God wanted to express his love to man who had in return worship after seeing His love. The love of God to us is inexhaustible; it is unending. Because love constantly activates an action, God proved his love for us by providing his most precious gift the son.

is God real

The death of Jesus was due to love; he just could not sit in heaven and watch as guy rot in hell. He had to do something. Now that God has proved that he Values and enjoys man, it is the onus of every man to reciprocate that love. God expects us to love him back. When it comes to loving God, many become spiritual. They believe that loving God means going to church daily or practicing other spiritual duties. Do not confuse me; I have nothing against being in church but my point is this love originates from the heart and profits through the actions. It is very true that what you are doing has begun from the heart. Loving God means permitting him the accessibility and reign to your heart. If your heart is filled with bitterness, anger, hypocrisy, lies and other impurities, the fact remains that you do not enjoy and do not have God enough.

This is no matter what you do in church or at the society.  Love is the foundation of the Kingdom of God. He describes himself as God of Love and because we are His children, we are to imitate him. If man gives God his heart, he is given him everything since the heart is the well springs of your life. Everything that man does comes from the heart hence surrendering is God real to rule your heart. If we base what we do on love, we will not have hatred in our churches and families. Conflicts and misunderstanding will stop but so long as our hearts are full of jealousy, envy or bitterness, we will always need to compete with others, we will discover flaws in our allies as well as our own lives will be unfruitful because we are not concerned with our own development.