Can an Insurer Ask For a Medical Record That Isn’t Related to a Personal Injury?

If you’re injured in a car accident, the insurance company might ask for your medical records as a proof if you file a personal injury claim to get compensated by them. Usually, it is in your interest to show them the medical records of the treatments you’re receiving.

However, there should be a clear limit on how much you should allow them to see. Insurance adjustors can use any of your old medical records against you, and they might attempt to deny providing you with a fair compensation.

That’s why it is very important that you hire a personal injury lawyer to keep you safe from the insurance company’s tactics through the whole process. For this, you should search about who to hire after an auto accident online.

You Have Right to Your Privacy

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Before you sign any documents provided by the insurance company, you should know more about your rights. You should especially know your rights when the insurance company is asking for your medical records.

There are strict privacy rules in place in order to keep your medical records and history safe from unwanted hands. You have the right to approve or deny someone’s request to get access to your medical history. Same rule applies for the insurance company as well, you must give them written permission when they request to see your medical history.

However, keep in mind that some states might allow access to your medical history under some circumstances, but the chances of an insurance company getting access to your medical records are highly unlikely unless you grant them written permission.

You can limit the scope of access to your medical records if you must grand someone permission. This is the right way forward in this situation.