Use under eye Concealer for Dark Circles

Under eye concealer for dark circles can fix the problem temporarily. But the problem will not go away because obviously it will only conceal the dark pigmentation under your eyes. But you need to be careful in choosing the right concealer because applying the wrong one will make you look even more hideous. You cannot get any concealer that is available in the market. Your concealer must match your skin tone. For dark circles, a good color of concealer that will blend well and cover the flaw is the yellow concealer. This type of concealer is great in holding back the under eye circles or any bluish or grayish skin blemishes. However, this only applies to fair-skinned women. For ladies who have a tan skin, you can use orange concealer.

select a Concealer

You also need to identify what kind of dark circles you have. A recessed dark circle needs to use a lighter shade concealer. But if under eye circles are a bit puffy, you need to use a little darker shade so that it can hide its puffiness. Now, when you get the right product for your dark circles under eye concealer, below are the tips to apply it on the best concealer for dry skin and dark circles. Do not forget to clean your face. Wash it and pat it dry. The option to apply the concealer before or after the foundation is yours. You can do it either way. So if you decide to put on your foundation first, make sure to apply a very thin layer. Experts say it is more appropriate to apply a foundation first so that you will prevent yourself from putting on more concealer.

When you apply the concealer, you only have to dab gently the concealer under your eye area. Apply a soft circular motion. Use your little finger, moving from the exterior corner of the eye and then move back again. After applying the concealer, you can cover up again another thin layer of foundation. You can blend them in a gentlest way possible. You can polish off by dusting a little face powder on the area to obtain a great finish. That is how you basically apply under eye concealer for dark circles.