Growing Cyber Security Projects in Technology Market

The trend in Federal Contracting is the award of large, multi vendor Indefinite Delivery and Indefinite Quantity IDIQ contracts that pay the purchase of a broad selection of Information Technology and Cyber Security technology. Even the biggest prime contractor has difficulty in preparing a winning Proposal that addresses all the specific requirements outlined in the Request for Proposal RFP and, because of this; teaming arrangements are often formed to bid and win the contract for the job.

Cyber Security

These IDIQ procurements, although offering multi-year flows of business, are extremely aggressive and winning requires a staff with higher value added and a competitive advantage. This is especially true regarding procurements and solicitation in the Intelligence Community.

Creating a winning team

Teams are often formed by the prime contractor who normally has experience with the sort of work and the agency issuing the contract. Teaming generally starts when the job is and the sort of work identified. The solicitation process involves an initial market survey or asks for information RFI followed by a Draft RFP that provides basic facts about the products or services required.

This is a sign for the beginning of team formation and the staffs is then ready to make a winning proposal when the last RFP is issued. When the technical information from prospective teammates is developed, the prime contractor can make decisions about their skills and those capacities which will need to be added by one or more teammates.

Timing is Important

Joining a group early in the process is important because there is usually rivalry on the better jobs.  It is quite tricky to join a group after a contract was awarded. In order for a business to be successful in joining winning groups, it has to identify procurements early, develop presentations that sell its specific abilities, and aggressively pursue prime contractor teammates.

Value Added Teammates

Subcontractor teammates must add value to the group in Birmingham or else they will not be added. Value can come in the shape of unique technical capacity, domain expertise, recruiting experience, technical suggestion experience or other skills that will increase the possibility of the group of winning.

For Instance, in the current environment in the Intelligence Community, Subcontractors with Cyber Security and bureau domain experience are considered very valuable teammates and can readily join winning teams.

From a subcontractor perspective,  it is best to join a group that is directed by a prime contractor who has experience with the acquiring agency and has a fantastic probability of winning; additionally, a prime contractor which has a reputation for equitable work share one of subcontractors is a real plus.  It is quite frustrating to work hard on a winning proposal group and then get no income generating work share.